Monday, 26 October 2009

The yeast of Social Communication

I write this sitting in a hall where an intense debate rages on about the restructuring and animation of the Department of the Mission (Youth Ministry, Mission and Social Communication). At this moment we find ourselves talking about the need of a Youth Pastoral team/leader who would coordinate the activities of the various commissions. He would pool together the resources of independent, charismatic and dynamic individuals (who may not even be part of any commission) and carry them forward using his 'official clout'. Fr Julian kept asking where does the one in charge of Social Communications fit in, in this whole process. For me, 'he is there' with his team, at the service of all the commissions. He (Communication) is like the yeast mixed in the flour and baked. After the bread is ready, if one were to ask where did the yeast go, none would be able to singularly identify it. But if not for the yeast, the baked product would be anything but bread. The yeast is the Communication department and the bread is the mission. And for whom is the 'bread'? For the poor young!

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