Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Misplaced priorities and floods

With practically the whole of Vijayawada under water, it is quite a tragedy. However amidst all this confusion, uncertainty and sorrow, there is also the sincere eagerness of people to help out. My thoughts of helping never went beyond posting news and keeping people informed about the latest happenings; but this morning, I was surprised to hear that our Provincial house staff members had already moved into action. Each of them has already kept ready 30 kgs of rice to be pooled together and sent to the flood-affected people. For me that was a real surprise.

On the other hand, as I called up confreres to see if things are all fine and how are they faring amidst this natural calamity, I sense a sort of laid-back attitude... something that arises from a feeling of plenty. In other words, 'thank God, I'm safe.' That's all. While I very well know that people all around are struggling, literally for their basic needs, some of our confreres talk only of the Rector Major's fund and relief fund... all about money!

God help us see...!!

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