Thursday, 15 October 2009

Vocations from within

Today I am at Ravulapalem (school, boarding, parish, social service centre...). Had an adventurous journey from DB, Sanathanagar last night... missed the train (thanks to the Hyderabad traffic) and then got a bus straight to Ravulapalem. During the school break I took a walk towards the school but never managed to reach it as so many boys and girls came forward to say 'hello'. I wondered how they knew me. Then they reminded me that I gave a good night last year. They remembered also my name and what I said then: 'That I'm a happy Salesian Brother!!' Wow that's quite a memory for these kids. But I sincerely hope and try that more of these boys (those in the boarding) join the seminary and become Salesians.

When we live and share our lives with these boys living with us, why hesitate to invite them to join us? That will be a challenge because we will then have to prove our life and mission worthy enough, at least of a try! And that's what I intend to advocate in the coming Chapter too: Vocations from each of our own setting.

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