Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Multiplication of 'holidays'

Jesus saw a great multitude and felt pity for them. When it became late, his disciples came to him and said: Lord, dismiss the people, it is already late and they have no time. Jesus said: Give them your own time. They said: We ourselves have no time, and the little we have, what is that for such an immense crowd? Jesus said: Let us see how much time you have. One said that he had an afternoon free, another could spare ten minutes, another looked in his diary and found 3 half hours unoccupied. Jesus said: Give all that time to me. And he looked up to heaven and thanked his Father and blessed all the time they had given him and told them to distribute all that time among the people. And they did so. And everybody received a portion of time, and the little they received was enough for everybody, and at the end they still had 12 days extra, enough for a nice holiday.
[This one is from Fr John Lens sdb, a senior Salesian from the Province of Hyderabad]

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