Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Nathan takes off...

The last but one for the year is flying off in a couple of hours. I'm dropping him off at the airport myself! Believe me, there is nothing more irritating and time consuming than getting the passport and visa and all that related stuff!! It's horrible! Anyway, with Nathan taking off, his episode too comes to an end. Poor guy had to wait three months for his passport and then another one month for the invitation letter and then another month for the visa!!! While his batch-mates are already in their respective communities in Rome - after having spent three full weeks learning Italian in one place - Nathan joins his community almost two months after their departure.

Luckily, he never nagged me. I know very well that he was very anxious and with neither me nor the travel agent assuring him of anything definite, it must have been very agonising for him. However, he never irritated me. For that I am really, really grateful to him. Hope and pray that he gets acclimatized well in Florence and also later for his theology.

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