Saturday, 8 July 2017

Black Cherry Fair

This morning I was at the Abbey field helping out at a stall put up by all the three churches of Chertsey.  It was part of the Black Cherry Fair of Chertsey.  Am glad I volunteered.  I basically helped transport water and milk to the cafe they were running at the field from St Peter's Church.  When not 'rolling' water, I was helping kids hook the fish (a game meant for kids).
An interesting innovation to transport water (40 lts) without carrying it! 
Was really pleasantly amazed at the number of children!  Wow! Never knew that there existed so many children in Chertsey!!  It was really a sight.  I could have spent the whole day watching the children and their amusing ways.  Also got to meet a couple of families whom I had earlier met in the Church during the days of the preparation for the first Holy Communion.

Of course, there were several other things going on: band, vintage car rally, about 101 stalls, march pasts, competitions, games and all that... but I was happy watching the tiny tots. 

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