Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Whose need?

The ongoing work of the revision of the Rector's manual is raising more questions than answering existing questions - at least for me!

The most important and persistent of all: whose need is the manual: of confreres (those appointed/would-be rectors) or the formation department?

The primary reason for this question that keeps propping up in my mind is what 'different' are we going to say than what is already enumerated in the Constitutions, Regulations, Ratio and the million and one directives that keep being churned out of the Generalate and the Provincial offices?

Secondly, most confreres (at least those whom I've come across) have never really used the existing edition!  Some are happily ignorant even of the existence of one such book!!  Therefore, if it is out of the genuine felt need of confreres then it will be of great help.  If not, it will be one of the many books collecting dust in our archives and bookshelves. And all this effort, time, resources and personnel spent on this endeavour... huh? 

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