Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The matchbox

This morning during the meditation a certain analogy came to my mind.  Know not for what and why.   I think it was about God and graces.  It was about a matchbox.  What if I handed to someone a matchbox full of match sticks and told them never to use it but to carefully preserve it.  However, they are keep it on themselves all the while.  They ought to preserve it and see that it does not get wet or soiled.

So the one receiving the matchbox is puzzled.  What's the point of having a matchbox which one is never supposed to open or use.  Moreover one is to preserve it carefully.  Does not make sense.

On the other hand, it will not make sense if one is presuming that it has match sticks.  Or that it has fresh unused match sticks.  Secondly that matchbox is only used to light a match and start a fire  (perhaps there are other uses of a matchbox which I haven't explored or thought of).  It is also possible that I'm not to use it but perhaps others can.

Feel like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden!

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