Thursday, 18 May 2017

Still Sunday?

Anet, my three year old niece, know all too well that all good things come on a Sunday.  She knows that she gets to put on her best clothes on a Sunday; that Sunday is the day we go to Church (not that she is any way devout, yet!); that everyone is at together that day; and most importantly, all family travel, that too by car, is mostly always on a Sunday.  So 'Sunday morning' is a good thing for her!  Everytime they want to tide over a tantrum, they 'postpone' it to 'Sunday morning' and she is more than satisfied - even if that done on a Sunday itself! 

Was gladly reminded of this, while travelling back home from London this evening, as I read the incident of a little girl in the back of a Church during a long boring sermon asking, "Mummy, is it still Sunday?"

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