Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Enlivening liturgy

This morning's talk of Fr Hugh was about making the Eucharistic liturgy meaningful, especially for young people and children, following the example of Don Bosco himself. I was reminded of my days in Shillong, where occasionally I would be invited to animate groups of the YCS or YSM… all school or college going youngsters. The animation would always conclude with the Holy Mass. I remember ensuring that there was always something that the group had to do during Mass, in continuation of the animation and based on the readings of the Mass. It would be some enactment (of either of the readings) or a particular hymn or some action songs, or special intercessions or some small write-up … children always loved it and remembered those activities where they felt that they were part of the liturgy, not mere passive onlookers.

The danger is to swing to either extreme: be rigid about the rubrics or be creative just for the sake of novelty!

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