Thursday, 18 May 2017

History of London city

One of the places I spent a long time today in London was at the Museum of London.  It has a lovely collection of the historical development of the city of London right since early AD, before the Romans invaded the island.  The most interesting facts I gathered from my tour of only part of the museum are the following:

  • London was initially a Roman project (though contested).  It was actually 'Londinium' when it was founded by the invading Romans in 43 AD. 
  • However, the Roman power began to wane, largely due to the Anglo-Saxon attacks, and the Romans finally withdrew in 410 AD.  
  • By 600 AD the Anglo-Saxon's had named it 'Lundenwic' meaning London port.  
  • By 886 AD, King Alfred considered to be the first 'English' West-Saxon king, named it Lundenberg. 
  • It was the Romans who instilled the culture of bath and hygiene among the local population (thanks be to God!). 
  • A model of the 2012 Olympic torch is at display in the museum.  The concept, the design and the whole work behind the same is beautifully displayed in a large hall.  

Well, that was only from the two sections that I really spent time at.  Then there was the plague and civil war era, the later developmental stages and other interesting areas of the museum that I could not make it to! Was too tired and wanted to travel rather than be in the same place (travel card had to be made use of, you see!).

The timeline of the history of London city...
 A model of the theatre house ... the concept and the architecture is worth admiring.
 Part of the London Wall, originally built by the Romans!
 I guess it is the logo of the city of London... looks grand!

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