Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Being a rector

During our small 'English speaking' group discussion on the person and formation of the Rector, I spoke aloud my mind to ask,
What is the "extra/more" expected of a Rector?  What is it that a rector is expected to have, that which his confreres do not?  
I believe that the formation of a rector does not begin just when he is appointed a rector.  At present most often what happens is that when there is a 'hunt' for a person to be appointed as rector of a particular house, the search for a person who has 'escaped' the regular rut of formation and somehow 'got himself ready'.  Once appointed, he is expected to swim, paddle or whatever.  He is on his own.

The rector is formed, nurtured right from the initial formation stage.  Now that has implications for our whole formation strategy.  Only then do we have a pool - sufficiently large and wide, and most importantly deep enough - to pick from, to be appointed as Rector.  His state can then be supplemented with additional help, but not without the basic foundation which every confrere already has!  Otherwise, we will have 'superb' rectors and mediocre confreres... a sure recipe for community hell!  Just as the other way round (superb confreres and monstrous rectors) is no better!

It was then pointed out that it is not a matter of 'more' that a rector ought to have!  One way of looking at it is as the rector a person and rector a service.  The former is more about the personality, the latter is what has a term of office.  It was then pointed out that in this case, the phrase 'He acts like a rector, even though he is no more in office' should be a good thing.  But in our present situation, that is spoken of negatively.  

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