Wednesday, 24 May 2017


This morning Fr Pat Sherlock was very kind and gracious to show me around the school here at Farnborough. Though the exams were on, he showed me most of the places and possible activities the children are involved with.

As before, it amazes me the numerous possibilities and opportunities the children here in UK, have in school.  The variety of options, courses, labs, extra-curricular activities, and the great support system especially for those not so gifted or even challenged.  If only those of us in India had even half of these opportunities, we'd be the best in the world in no time!  Besides our education system too needs to be more life-oriented than marks-oriented.  Education is mostly reduced to study and results.  Here in UK, marks and result do matter, but they certainly are not the focus.

For one, the class strength is 25 and that too is quite high according to local standards!  Then the syllabus is framed according to their interests so that by the time they reach the sixth form (the last two years in school, which would be equivalent to our intermediate studies) they already choose which particular stream of studies they wish to pursue.  Besides this 'main course', there are the numerous clubs, groups, sodalities, for enhancement of personalities.  There's music (singing, musical instruments), languages, games (indoor and outdoor), art (in so many forms), and of course, prayer and worship too.

Well stacked and used libraries, computer labs, maintenance staff, informative and colourful display boards everywhere, a separate department and a building for each subject, highly organised and well-thought out schedule ... make it look like an educational paradise.  

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