Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rumour mills

Having met Maria and listened to his continuous rabble (that characteristic he still retains, since our days together in Shillong, 2005-2007), it was good. I gathered he was quite unhappy with his experiences of the past year and no sooner did we meet, he took off!

Anyway, among the many things we chatted about, he narrated a talk going around about me among some confreres back in India.  It completely took me by surprise.  It had all to do with my coming to Britain for studies.  The sum and substance of the talk was that I finally agreed to go abroad for my studies (that part is totally true) but did not want to go to Italy because I did not like Italian (really??).  Hence I was sent to an English speaking country!  Wow!

Anyway, one consolation is that Maria now knows the fact.  Those holding the mistaken opinion about my being in England will soon know... should thank Maria, in anticipation! 

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