Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Person or document?

When in a dire situation and would like some help, to whom or to what will I turn to?  A document or a person whom I trust?  I'd surely turn to the latter.  Perhaps in leisure when nothing else to do, then I'd like to flip through a document.

Even when I do turn to a person, who would that be?  certainly not any random person.  It will be someone whom I trust, perhaps someone who's been through such a situation and I've known him or her to have handled it well.  What will certainly count is my rapport with him and the amount of trust I have in that person.

Contrary to my own present state of conviction, perhaps there will come a time when a document will  be formulated from the collective experience of those who've been through situations, and based on their suggestions and recommendations.  But how effective will that be?  ... the same as personal experience enriched sharing/learning?

But again, that is in time of 'crisis'.  

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