Thursday, 25 May 2017

St Bede's and the English

Realized that today is the feast of St Bede.  During his homily Fr Hugh Preston stated that he was one who straddled the 7 and 8th century.  Interestingly he lived his whole religious life in only two monasteries.  That too, which were not more than 10 miles away from the other.  So in all his life he would have travelled not more than 40-50 miles!! (At this point some of the confreres were looking at one another and there was a round of laughter in the whole Chapel... for some today travel that distance everyday!).

However, what I remembered as I heard of this saint was that one Salesian house in Chennai province is named after St Bede's.  And then it struck me, that it was the school for the Anglo-Indian boys!  So naturally whoever started that house was most probably a Britisher!

You never know how and where you see connections! 

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