Saturday, 13 May 2017

Finding meaning in prayer

I distinctly remember that prayer service in Yercaud, wherein three of us in the community were asked to share about the Rosary.  Two of us were students and when the third person stood up to speak we were surprised: it was Fr Stan, our Principal.  By all common standards, we did not expect him to be speaking about the 'graces' of the Rosary.  Not that we considered him some sort of atheist or agnostic, but just a gut level feeling.  But I still remember his concluding words:
I pray the Rosary not because it is good and beautiful or that it fulfills my wishes.  I pray it because it helps me find meaning.  So is there a possibility when I will stop praying the Rosary?  Perhaps I will... when I find a more meaningful prayer.  Till I find a more meaningful prayer, I'll stick with the Rosary.  
I'm still struggling to make sense of the prayer! Or maybe I'm praying it for all the wrong purposes, as and when I do pray.

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