Monday, 22 May 2017

Travel in India

Had a long conversation with Fr Des, the Rector here at Farnborough - well, more of him talking and me listening than a conversation in the real sense!  But was happy to spend time with him.  He was narrating all his experiences during his visit to India, Trichy and Bangalore.

The things that stood out for him, from what I gathered, from his long enthusiastic and excited sharing were, the food, the colours, the hospitality, the warmth of people and orderliness of children in the institutions, and of course, the 'chaotic' traffic and 'crazy' travel!!

Speaking of traffic, I can hardly imagine what it must be for an European to travel by road in India.  Here things are so orderly and patient that travel by any given road in the whole of India would be near fatal for anyone with a heart condition!  

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