Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Costly laugh

One of the news headlines of today reads:
Diamond earrings sell for world record $57.4m

Whew!  What a price!  I wonder if anyone wearing them would be easily identified as wearing that 'world record' earrings?  So the one wearing it should either go around telling everyone that the earrings cost so much or must carry around their neck a placard stating the price of the worn earrings.  And once others would know the price, I doubt if anyone would anymore be interested in looking at the face of the bearer of those earrings - all they'd be trying to do is figure out what's so special about those earrings.

Harvested from the mines in South Africa, the ones who really found these (uncut) diamonds would not even be aware of this price at which they were sold.  Most probably that person(s) would not even have a pair of decent clothes or footwear.

Imagine all the basic life-goods that hefty amount could buy for those living in utter despair and poverty in a famine stricken land or a war-torn refugee camp. Yet people are willing to splurge such prices on a piece of jewelry, which would hardly be worn, leave alone in public places!  Even if one did wear them, they'd be laughed at in the first instance for the two earrings are not of the same colour!

No guarantee either that those earrings would add to the inner beauty of the person wearing or owning those.  If it did, he or she would see their futility and not need them.  If it didn't, what a waste of money! 

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