Thursday, 18 May 2017

Travelling around London

Had a very lovely day in London today.  Basically had to go for an interview at the VFS centre for procuring a visa for my trip to Rome, later this month.  I also thought of taking this chance to meet Br Maria (from Chennai Province) who is in London for a visit to his relatives.  We met at East Croydon, had a tasty south Indian thali lunch at one of the hotels and then almost missed my appointment at the VFS centre.  Had to literally run to and from the stations and in between to change trains and the tube!  Not in the past two years would I have run so fast and continuously for almost 20 minutes, twice!  My thighs and calf muscles are aching like hell now.

Anyway, did make it, although a bit late at the visa centre.  Submitted the form and the needed documents.  Had a little bit of trouble explaining why there was no attached bank statement! What was more ridiculous was that they were asking for the bank statement of the 'Salesians of Don Bosco' (the one who invited me) of Rome!!  After a long explanation and then some discussion among themselves they accepted the application.  Hope everything goes on well at the embassy and they grant me the visa in time (by next Friday!).

Another adventure was the maiden use of a travel card.  Wanted to make the most of it, so after the interview boarded the first bus that I saw, travelled till its terminal.  From there took the tube to another station, and ultimately reached back home after changing some 6 trains and visiting a couple of large railway stations.  Besides it was raining and hence no fun in visiting places!

Here are some of the pics...
This is the Finsbury Square Garden just adjacent to the VFS centre.  Beyond the flowers, is a beautiful lawn!  It was nice to see such open green space in the heart of the city.  Everywhere else there was construction going on!
 Here's one of the buildings near the Moorgate station and the combination of the plants and the purple flowers was too good to miss.  It really looked much more beautiful in real... all around the building.
 The Liverpool State station... quite large and with such high ceiling, that too transparent.  Both ends of the lobby have the same design.

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