Saturday, 13 May 2017

Real purpose of religion

Most often we use religion as a balm, something that will soothe our pain and sorrow.  Something that will make us feel good.  But the real purpose of religion should be to make us good, not make us feel good.  Came across this distinction reading some article recently (forget where).

I think this is what we like about religion: it makes us feel good.  We are more than happy at this stage and never think of anything beyond it.  I suppose it goes the same with God.  We want God to make us feel good.  We approach the Divine so that we feel good.  The question that we really need to ask ourselves is whether religion or God really makes us good; not just help us feel good.

If only we make that shift from feeling good to being good, we would have taken a step in the right direction to know what true religion or God is.

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