Thursday, 11 May 2017

Wedding anniversary

Today is the ninth wedding anniversary of Willy and Roshni, my brother and sister-in-law.  It was on this day that they were married in Mangalore, at St Lawrence's Church (Attur).  I had the joy of being the chauffeur and the family photographer!  The most uncomfortable thing was I had to wear what Mummy wanted me to wear - and mind you, I was then almost 14 years a religious, a perpetually professed Salesian, teaching philosophy, and at that time the secretary to the Provincial!  Nothing of that counted when Mummy ordered!  And later she was ordered by her sisters as to what to wear!!

Anyway, I remember the excitement at home, the hustle and bustle of the place, getting ready, decorating the car with my cousins, meeting all those 'strangers' (who knew us, but we hardly knew anyone)... That my parents and I didn't have much to do was quite relaxing. My uncle was seeing to all the arrangements and we would literally follow his instructions.  Willy himself was quite serene and during the Mass he was not disturbed by anything around.  It has been how he has been participating in the Mass over the last few years - devout, undeterred by any confusion or disturbances around, focused and silent.  For that day, he had already arranged and wanted to have the nuptial rite in English and not in Konkani as the rest of the Mass - he said, he wanted to really understand and fully consent when he took the vow.

The Church was full and so was the hall during the reception, thereafter.  I knew not even a quarter of those present.  But it was evident that everyone knew everyone!  That was one major event in which I - or for that matter, my parents - had no role in the organisation.  Thanks to our Uncle who saw to every detail of the whole event or process, I should say, given all that went on before and after the day.

Anyway, wish both Willy and Roshni all the best and God's abundant blessings on this special day of their life together.  

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