Monday, 22 May 2017

Healthcare for the elderly

Being at Farnborough among the senior Salesians of the Province of Great Britain and seeing some of them struggling to walk, sit, stand and coordinate their movements, am reminded of Br Dennis back in my home province at Guntupalli, Vijayawada.

Here at Farnborough the elderly Salesians have all the necessary facilities for their ailing health and stay. Back in Guntupalli, I wonder if Br Dennis has any of these luxuries or anything at all to ease his aches – except the bottle! However, I don't think Br Dennis would feel the absence of these luxuries, because I know not if he knows that Salesians have 'retirement homes'. Not knowing that there are places is better than knowing that there are places and that one can be therein. Left to me, should there be such places? Perhaps yes, but not cut off from active Salesian apostolate. That way the old tradition of 'no retirement' for Salesians makes great sense.

As for me, I certainly would not wish to end up at this stage! Do all the good I can and then rest in peace, for good!

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