Thursday, 11 May 2017

Moving on

Back in India, it is transfer time in the Salesian world.  These are the days of farewell gatherings, handing over reports, final messages, packing, and of course, loads of gossip doing the rounds.  I've been asked a couple of times by people of the place if being moved from place to place, just when you are establishing roots and setting up things, is painful?  I've never been too perturbed and some found that a bit disturbing.  They knew quite well that I was fully present and involved in the work I was entrusted with.  That my heart and soul was there with them was beyond doubt. But to find me relaxed and quite comfortably resigned to moving on to the new place was a bit of confusion for them.  I guess it is mainly because we know that no one is going to be in one particular place or responsibility for ever.  Moreover I know that I'm not going to some absolutely unknown or god-forsaken place. After all, I'm moving to another Salesian house.  It's like shifting house.  All the same, I cannot deny that there is within - always - a feeling of uncertainty, anxiety and a bit of fear too.  

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