Friday, 26 May 2017

Eucharist and ourselves

Fr Hugh offered some reasons why we only have a small piece of bread and only a sip of bread, rather than a whole loaf of bread and a cup full of wine.  He gave two reasons:

  1. That we are called to play a small role in the building of the Kingdom of God.  It is not that we are the sole builders or the total responsibility rests on our shoulders.  But in our capacity we do our bit.  The little that we partake of the bread and wine during the Eucharist is a symbol of that 'bit'. 
  2. This Eucharistic meal is only a foretaste of the heavenly 'real' banquet awaiting us in heaven. 

Was all the time thinking, what if the Church had adopted the 'open field' Eucharist rather than the 'upper room' Eucharist?  Would these reasons still hold? 

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