Saturday, 13 May 2017

Search for meaning

Didn't realize till this morning that it was the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Only when I was flooded with messages of 'happy feast' did I begin to ask myself what feast is it today.  Then there are those who send the picture greetings. From them I deduced that it has to be the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary/Fatima.  That's when all the news and things I'd been reading about Fatima, the Pope's visit to Fatima, requests for rosaries and all that fell in place.

Living here in the UK, and viewing the way people live their lives, most of them totally not bothered about God or anything divine, a great number even boldly questioning anything and everything spiritual or even moral, I am beginning to see how it can be so 'serene'.  Am not very willing or keen to blame one or the other thing that has led to this state.  Wouldn't want to be judgemental about it.  But I see how easy it is to slip into this mode of 'just living one's own life'.  When the whole culture around you is like that it does not take long for one to adopt it.

Back in India, there are a million things that will constantly remind you of the religious, spiritual or divine aspect.  Whether for good or bad, is secondary, but the fact that there are reminders at every moment and every corner, explicit and in your face, cannot be denied.

But would also like to remind myself that if one has truly experienced the Divine, then every aspect will naturally be a reflection of that Divine.  If we have only limited ourselves or bluffed ourselves with some religious sentimentalism then we'd look for reminders in all the wrong places.

On this day of the feast of the Rosary, am not very keen about the secrets of Fatima or the canonization of the children,... would like to remind myself of the meaning that the Rosary has offered to people of all walks of life.  Above all, the soothing presence and grace of Mother Mary which continues to bless people all over.  For the peace and meaning that people derive in approaching Mother Mary, assured that she listens.  

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