Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sayings of Don Scaboletti

Here in the English province there was a priest (God rest his soul) who had a queer way of looking at things.  He would call a young cleric and say that there are things he needed to know as a Salesian.  And one among the many things he would occassionally tell the cleric(s) was the sayings of Don Scaboletti (never mind, if there never was a 'Don Scaboletti').  Here's one of the famous sayings:
Never approach the Rector for permission while he is having his morning coffee.  And always approach him for two permissions.  One, an insignificant one, merely to test the mood of the Rector.  If he is in a good mood, then go for the real permission.  If not, make a silent retreat! 
Already now, some senior Salesians bemoan saying, "Those were the days of permissions!"  A few years from now, young Salesians will ask: What do you mean by 'permissions'?! 

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