Thursday, 18 May 2017

Community honesty

Among the many good things that I've experienced and come to appreciate in this country, Great Britain, is the community virtue of honesty.  I say a 'community virtue' because it is something that is prevalent among almost all. I suppose I cannot categorically state that everyone is honest.  There always will be exceptions but mostly, everyone tends to be honest about their public transactions.

One distinct example that comes to my mind is the unmanned service stations everywhere in this country.  At no place have I seen petrol pump assistants.  Each driver has to fill the fuel tanks of his or her vehicle by oneself.  And then go in to make the payment!  Now I wonder how many take off without paying.  It's very easy, because there is enough time to flee, even before anyone in the shop realises that someone has fled without paying.  But I've never ever seen anyone leave without going in and making the payment.

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