Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cody Museum, Farnborough

Just close to the Salesian house on the main road of Farnborough is the Cody Aircraft museum. Only this afternoon did I come to know that Farnborough has an airport.  However, it is not publicly commercial and mainly operates private flights and small aircrafts.  But I'm told there are some Boeing 737s too flying from here.

This evening took a walk near the airport.  The museum is open only on weekends.  But a couple of old aircrafts and helicopters are on display out in the open.

On a side note, a typical English tradition: all transportation means are always out in the open!  Practically every house has a garage but it is used mostly as a dumping ground.  Cars and bikes are always parked out in the open.  Wonder how do these vehicles remain rust free?  

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