Friday, 26 May 2017

Untapped energy

UK recorded the highest production of power from solar energy today (May 26, 2017) at about 8.7 gigawatts.  According to the National Grid office, it amounts to 24.3% of the total production/demand.  Of course, yesterday and today were quite sunny and warm day, by any comparison of British weather - even summer schedule!  And what was the maximum temperature of the day? 28 c.

The country's power generation sources and their percentage:
Alongside the contribution from solar, 23% of power came from nuclear sources, 30% from natural gas and just 1.4% from coal. 
Read the news article here.

While reading it I was wondering, with all the light and heat that literally scorches India around this time of the year, we could easily power the whole world!!  Yet we are unable to tap this renewable natural source of energy!  

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