Monday, 27 February 2017

Talking in the Church

One strange thing that I find in all the Churches here is the talking that goes on before and after the liturgical celebrations.  Initially I found it very disturbing, to enter the Church and find everyone wishing and greeting one another, exchanging pleasantries and all that stuff.  Now I settle down more silently by myself when I enter a church.

One Anglican church that I visited was having a tea party in one part of the Church!  Inside the Church!  In the newspapers I read, some Churches being 'renovated' to accommodate rock concerts, banquets, and social gatherings!!  That's basically to cover the costs of keeping the 'church' alive!

However, during the liturgical celebrations, there is perfect silence and participation.  There is no distraction of any sort.  Most churches even have a 'children's corner' where there are books and some toys to keep the children busy!  Other places, like our parish, the children have some activity, in the adjoining room, related to the gospel of the Sunday, during the Gospel reading and sermon.  So everyone is attentive to what is being said and done.  The sanctuary is the only focal point.

On the whole, it is as if, the Church is sacred and holy only during the liturgical service.  The presence of the Blessed Sacrament, does not really inspire reverence and respect.  Perhaps this is because the climate outside is at times so cold or wet that it is not possible to wish/greet one another.

and as always, I suppose the Lord understands! 

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