Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Divergent thoughts

There are different perspectives one comes across when one starts interacting with people.  A classroom which facilitates discussion and debate is one fertile ground for hearing different and sometimes divergent views.  There are those who have similar views as oneself.  Then there are those who agree to most of what you hold but differ on some points.  There are those who agree with your point of view theoretically but practically believe that it cannot be so.  Then there are a few who have no view at all (God alone knows how... or perhaps give them the benefit of doubt and say that they do not wish to express their view).  Then there are those who hold a radically contradictory view to oneself.  In an environment of healthy discussion and exchange of ideas, this is very enriching.

However, what if the other does not want to see your viewpoint at all!  What if he or she thinks that what you hold as real and something you are very much convinced about, is utter nonsense and totally illogical?  

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