Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Salesians in the world

Last week the map of the Salesian presences in the world was released.  AustraLasia 4293 conveyed this piece of information along with some historical data and the persons involved in preparing this.

As per the latest statistical data (Dec. 31, 2016), Salesians in the world number 14,777 in all (10103 priests, 1658 brothers, 2584 students, and 432 novices).  We are present in 132 countries of the world, in 88 provinces and have 1892 houses.

India has the largest number of Salesians, in comparison with other countries with 2692 Salesians and with most number of houses, 362.  Followed by Italy: 2072 SDBs.

While the number of Salesians is quite encouraging, the number of Salesians per house is not. Mathematically it is approximately 7. But that's not the true picture as most confreres are in the formation houses.  Regular communities most often have just three or even less - that's not the ideal!

The Seville Province in Spain has the highest number of Salesians: 575.  Turin province in Italy has the next highest with 466. I guess that's because of the unification of some provinces in Spain and Italy in the recent past.  In India, Madras Province (INM) has the highest number, 399. 

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