Friday, 10 February 2017

Set me like a seal...

This morning's reading from the Song of Songs (on the occasion of the memorial of St Scholastica) opens with these words, 'Set me like a seal on your heart...'

I have very fond memories of these words, or rather of a hymn that has the same words.  It was in The Retreat at Yercaud that I first heard of this hymn and I liked it very much.  So when I began to practice playing the guitar, this is the first hymn that I learnt to play.  It was Ernest under whose guidance some of us played this hymn on the guitar for a prayer service.

The second one, related to the same hymn, brings back to my mind, Edi.  One afternoon we were in the Chapel (at Yercaud) and practising, just for the fun of it.  I was at the piano (I never knew/know how to play the piano) and he was at the drums.  I was playing this particular hymn - or better still, trying to play this hymn. He was accompanying me on the drums.  Somehow, I could not proceed beyond the chorus.  So I'd end up playing the chorus over and over again. After my third or fourth repetition, Edi called out, "Hey Casti, how long will you 'set your heart'? Move on man!"

Oh those lovely days of Yercaud!

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