Friday, 3 February 2017

Peter Pan

Watched a professional live stage performance this evening.  Thanks to Fr John who invited me to watch 'Peter Pan' at the National theatre today.  It was great.  Reminded me of the stage plays we used to put up while in our formation days.  The play itself was a bit modernised from the original play but the plot was basically the same.  However, compared to the grandeur of TV and movies, it was nothing.  But to see something live that too for two and half hours of consistent and live acting, singing, dance, music and above all almost perfect coordination between each and every part of the play was something fabulous.  There weren't very many actors and actresses but the few played different roles in different scenes. Those who did not have roles, played the supportive roles of changing props and some lights.  The best I liked was the perfect coordination of those flying around with those who held the other end of the ropes climbing up and down the ladders at the side!  Great understanding and sense of timing.
Peter and Wendy

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