Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Money and fluidity

This morning as I sat for meditation, my thoughts were all about money! I myself found it weird but after a while I let myself go along the flow.  It was not about sustenance or profit but analogies of money and finance that kept coming to my mind.

I felt money was fluidity, like liquid.  Only in this form it could lubricate the state machinery.  Everytime it stagnated, there was a sort of lurch in the machine.  Because everytime, instead of flowing if it was static, it began to solidify and hinder the smooth movement of the machine.  That I felt was corruption or hoarding of black money.  Then if there was a leak in the machine (not in the fluid container but in the machine itself) then that was someone siphoning off someone else's money. At times this leak was due to a sabotage which was then used as an excuse by politicians to get in the technician and prescribe repair which was not really necessary.  That's corrupt bureaucracy.

The last thought:  when there is a overhauling and the whole oil is changed and replaced - that's demonetization (of Modi).

For once I felt like a student of economics rather than philosophy!

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