Tuesday, 28 February 2017

No pillars

Most English houses do not have pillars. Even those which are double or triple storied.  Our house has three floors, and yet has not one single pillar!  It is all about architecture and style of building.  If I'm not mistaken, our Salesian house in Punganur (India) too is built without pillars - that too in stone!

Here in England the rooms are small and of low ceiling - that's to preserve heat.  The walls, made of bricks, are thicker too.  The outsides of the house are mostly not plastered.  So, much is saved on steel and cement.

I wonder why this formula is not practiced back in India.  Perhaps it would be interesting to see how constructions are done here in UK.  I've only come across renovations so far. Never seen a house being constructed from the foundations.
My Salesian residence (Chertsey)

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