Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Spilling optmism

Making the most of even the worst in life is the quality of an optimist.  Not everyone, and certainly not everytime one is capable of this attitude. Yet one is often inspired to undertake this optimistic risk.

I remember back in India, even scrap has value.  Before I proceed I need to define scrap... anything that can never ever be used in any way further by anyone at anytime... that's scrap, according to Indian standards.  But even such a material is bought and sold.  However, here in the UK, also one comes across scrap.  But the definition is entirely different: anything not functioning.  When something goes wrong, people here prefer to purchase a new one rather than repair or get it repaired.  Perhaps repairing it is more costlier than buying a new one or may be there are not interested people nowadays repairing stuff.  Either way, it is just dumped in the garbage bin and discarded for recycling.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind: most of the street children whom I knew in Hyderabad would become very very rich if they were to come to UK! I know it is an idiotic and nasty thought, but just to make the point about the amount of things here that go as scrap...

Received this funny list of anagrams today from a friend of mine.  The last one was split and spilt. The text following read thus: Don't cry over split milk. Make paneer.  Don't cry over spilt milk either. Feed the cat! 

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