Thursday, 23 February 2017

English weather

The English weather, at least in the south of England, as I have experienced it over the past five months is quite erratic.  There actually is no rainy season as such (I think, because there are another 7 months to complete the year).  It  rains anytime!  Except for the indication from the trees which were all very colourful when I first landed (in October) and which are now (February) all sticks and barren, the weather as such is never constant.

Today storm Dorris is supposed to pass through.  It seems exactly the English weather, except at very quick pace!  So there are strong gusts of wind and the very next minute everything is still.  Then there is bright sunshine and the next instant a heavy downpour.  It becomes cloudy and within no time, the clouds all clear up.  All of these changes happen within minutes. Exactly what would happen in a prolonged span of hours and days is today being repeated in minutes - that's all.

Remember this particular amusing dialogue from the movie 'Robinhood: Prince of thieves', uttered by Azeem (Morgan Freeman) when he is not accorded the same treatment as Robin, merely because his skin is of a different colour: "The hospitality in this country is as warm as the weather!" Of course, I would not endorse that statement. 

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