Monday, 13 February 2017

Southwark Cathedral, London

We also visited the Southwark Cathedral. Quite a prayerful and silent place in comparison to the other places that I've visited.  I also happened to meet one of the priests of the place and he told me that they have prayers every hour - just to emphasize the fact that it is a basically a Church and not a museum where tourists can come and stroll around.  I thought that was a good idea.  We stayed back at this place and joined the Even Song, sung by a choir from Oxford.

I later learnt from Br John that the community of priests at this place are truly amazing in their inclusive approach to all Christians.  They have very cordial relations and are highly praised for keeping their Church and services truly universal.

The backdrop to the altar of the Church contained about one dozen or more figures.  It looked magnificent.  Then there was another small place of worship behind this backdrop with several altars.  It has some great connection with Shakespeare and his family too.

One of the peculiar things we found in this church was a cat!  It looks like it really stays in the Church all the while. I first discovered some small bowls with food in them at the back of the Church.  Later we found the cat sleeping along one of its walls and surprisingly found a note stuck to the radiator beside it, saying 'Don't disturb me, I'm just having a cat nap!' Looked like of all the places in the church the cat would sleep only in that busy spot!  Named as Doorkins Magnificat, it has its own story.  Must be one of the former Bishops or builders of the Church - reborn! 

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