Thursday, 9 February 2017

Of spaces

One more significant difference between the West and the East, something that struck me as I sat at my window facing the street down below.

The houses here in the UK have all straight entry into the street.  The main door is hardly a few steps away from the pavement and the street.  One can almost literally jump from the main door onto the pavement.  Most often the space is at the back.  That's why the 'backyard'.  Whereas in India, most houses have their 'backyard' in front of the house.  The house would normally be constructed at the far end of the property, far from the street, with as much space dividing the street and the house.  In Kerala and sounding areas, the house would be located more or less in the centre of the property.

Of course, these days houses are all about the building rather than any vacant space. So no gardens, no lawns, no space for children to run about, except within the four walls of the house.

I wonder why is this difference in style of construction.
View of the house from infront... just off the street

... an English backyard

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