Monday, 20 February 2017


Know not if this distinction is sensible or unnecessary but speaking of respect, there can be of two kinds: appraisal and recognition.  While the former is something that I accord (or deny) to someone on the basis of their actions, virtues, words and so on.  In short, it is esteem. The latter is something that I accord to all persons irrespective of what they do or say or not.  It is recognizing their personhood and acknowledging that aspect.

While there can be a very limited number of persons in the 'appraisal' category but none can be exempted from the 'recognition' category.

Or is this basically a classification similar to love-like? That I'm called to love everyone but then I can like or dislike people for various reasons.  Anyway, makes some sense.  But there is something that tells me that all is not well with this distinction.  

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