Friday, 3 February 2017


Though not blessed with every advantage with which I would have dreamt of for undertaking this particular study of philosophy, particularly in the way and mode it is done today, I'm surely at an advantage about having a Catholic background.

Very many of the discussions in class, always assume this Christian background.  Luckily all of us in class do have some of it.  Even the Muslim students have the common background of the Old Testament.  But someone from a totally different religious background would have found it very very difficult to make sense of some of the points.

That said, there are several other aspects which are part and parcel of this culture here in UK, like English TV serials, movies, cartoons/comics, plays, ... to which I'm not as familiar or at times totally ignorant about.

The other day I was imagining, the plight of most of my students back in India, if they were to listen to these lectures, wherein there is often a mention of english movies (what Brothers called "documentaries"!!). 

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