Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Of equity and equality

I had an interesting conversation with someone this afternoon about the British being more fond of equity than equality.  Equity is understood as fairness, being impartial.  Whereas equality is considered as something similar and akin.  The point of the discussion was justice.  In the light of this, the notion of equity makes more sense than equality.

I have to acknowledge, that my "Indian historical background" - the euphemistic phrase for 'British colonizing India' - didn't let me really listen well to the British fondness for fairness and equity.  Nonetheless, I did find the argument persuasive and relevant.  Moreover I was told that equity is a constitutional goal found in the official documents of the country, especially the Magna Carta.

We can never be all equal.  We can talk of equal opportunities and possibilities, but that's more about equity than equality.  Each of us is unique and different from the other. On no account can any group be said to be equal with another.  Of course, that does not give any one or any group ascendancy/superiority over another.

However, here's a nice pictorial presentation with a different message...

These pics say a lot about how we think - or are used to thinking!  

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