Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dreams and logic

The other day at table someone was sharing his dream.  In his dream he saw the construction site of the new Students' Services and Library of the college.  Just beside it is the old Founder's wing of the college, the best historical building in the campus.  He then narrated that he saw the old building collapse as they were digging in between the two sites for an open area.  The excavation was too close to the old building he said.  I immediately interjected, 'but there is a road there'.  Someone then reminded me, "Dreams don't have to be logical."

True, dreams have no logic or rational sequence.  That's what makes them so different and at times strange.  While plans have to be rational and 'smart', dreams abound with the illogical and the nonsensical.  Yet it is dreams that we always prefer and cherish.

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