Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Of rituals

The Gospel of today speaks of the place of rites and rituals.  Fr Sean during his homily spoke of the Jewish Rabbi who had to be rushed to the hospital because the little water that he had he had been carefully using for his rites of purification (washing his fingers and wrists) rather than for drinking. And soon after that during the offertory he muttered something while washing his hands.  I didn't get what he said but I noticed that he was bit amused about something.  After Mass he said aloud, that he had just finished preaching about being fixated with rituals and there he was being particular about using the purificator for the chalice and the finger towel for wiping his hands!  We all had a good laugh.

It was nice of him to notice this in himself while speaking about the same in others.  Good lesson to look within or at oneself before laughing or pointing at others. 

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