Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pancake Tuesday

Pancakes.  I had always thought of them and eaten them as breakfast or an evening snack. Today is the first time I came to know that the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is commemorated as Pancake day!  I thought it was some sort of tradition for celebration and all that.  However, I'm told that the tradition began with people using up the remaining sugar before Lent began!  So finish up all the remaining sugar, eggs and all the ingredients that goes in to make delicacies before Lent.  Wow!

In hindi there is a saying, ना रहेंगी बांस, ना बजेगी बांसुरी! 'Na rahegi baas, na bhajegi baasuri' ... No bamboo, then no flute either.  Take off the cause of temptation, and prevent temptation itself!

Another thing I saw was that pancakes being eaten with lemon juice.  That's an odd combination - at least for me!

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