Monday, 13 February 2017

St Paul's Cathedral, London

We wanted to visit St Paul's Cathedral, London but couldn't as we were early for the Even Song and we'd have to wait for more than an hour.  Moreover, I'm told we had to paid to enter!!  Anyway the structure looks grand and huge.  But the lighting system is the same as elsewhere - those pale yellow bulbs! I wonder what and why is this English obsession with the pale yellow bulbs!

Anyway, also on route we saw The Monument, the grand pillar erected in commemoration of the great fire which destroyed much of London.  It was designed by Christopher Wren, the same person who also designed St Paul's Cathedral.

Beside the Cathedral there stands St Paul with his cross on a high pole - all in bright gold.  It is believed to be the place where most of the sermons were delivered.  Everyone considered a great orator had to begin by preaching at the Cross of St Paul, outside the Cathedral.  Another practical reason was that within the Church it was inaudible.  

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