Wednesday, 1 February 2017

'Philosophical' empathy!

While teaching philosophy to students at Karunapuram and Kondadaba, I would invariably come across very many who just 'hated' the whole process of intellectual discussion.  While most were lazy to even attempt it before discarding it, some felt that it was too much theorizing without the real necessity.  Among the latter one could see the effort, the struggle to make sense of it all.  Some of them would also openly challenge, rightly so, the need for such in-depth analysis and theory.  Nearly half of this group would give up their interest in philosophy if not sustained by wonder and curiosity.  And initially I always wondered how come most would not see the inherent element of wonder, of challenge, of amusing intricacies, the study of philosophy offered.

These days as I grapple dense philosophical texts, most of which absolutely make no sense, I feel humbled.  I don't claim to have understood my students dilemma, or have the answer to my own questions, but I certainly now understand and share their agony!

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