Monday, 13 February 2017

All Hallows by the Tower

While in London, we visited the Church near the Tower Hill, the latter being the place where two of the queens were executed and so were St Thomas More and Bp John Fisher.
The Tower Hill Castle and the London Bridge in the background (right side)
The All Hallows by the Tower is said to be the oldest Church in the city of London.  That also adds to the historical significance of the place.  It also contains the remains of Bp Fisher, the one executed for not signing the King's declaration of himself as the head of the Church, while all the other 36 Bishops signed.  It is said that he was beheaded and his body thrown into into the sewer - something appalling in those days, all the more because he was a highly respected man in the society and was the private tutor of the King himself.  It was the city officials who approached the King and pleaded that he be given a decent burial and that was when he was brought to this Church and laid to rest.
The painting depicting Bp Fisher right at the entrance. 
 The wall on which this painting is hung is of the old Church.  During the war, the two walls on either side and the tower is all that was left of this Church, The renovated Church was built within these walls.  The walls still bear the signs of destruction and age - but is as strong as ever.
The altar backdrop - a modernized version of the Last Supper

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